Turning your business goals

into action with the methods

and messages that win customers

Struggling to launch your business idea?

Are you sharing your offer but you're stuck doing all the marketing things or nothing at all?

Want to reach customers without having to be "on" all the time?

You need to build a sales and marketing machine.

Here are 3 Ways to Do It

Funnel Launches

Who is this for?

This is best for businesses who don't have a lead funnel and/or sales funnel, and you need the right people to launch these assets for you quickly!

During this INTENSIVE, we'll build and launch what you need to attract, nurture, and convert leads — like a machine — and we'll do it in 1 week!

Content Subscriptions

Who is this for?

This is best for small businesses who are ready to prioritize their online presence but don't want to worry about it themselves.

We'll create and mange a content plan and rhythm for social media, email marketing, blogs, and quarterly campaigns to reach your audience.

1:1 Coaching

Who is this for?

This is for the person taking a leap to build an online business selling your expertise. Maybe you left corporate to use your operations or leadership skills. Maybe you want a lifestyle you love. But finding leads and sales feels overwhelming! I'll teach you the right system that turns your passion into profit and allows you to thrive.

Helping Entrepreneurs Win!

"The recommendations and management provided by Alea at Smarketing Machine were so helpful to our business. She pushed us to level up the way we reached our target audience and how we connected marketing with sales. She was great to work with! Our whole team adopted her and her guidance immediately."

A Plan + Actions for Your Customer's Entire Journey

At Smarketing Machine, we believe in the principles and formulas that connect with people. We believe in an integrated sales and marketing(smarketing) system, rather than a smattering of tasks or a scattered approach.

If you're unsure how you reach your audience, their likelihood of converting to customers, or if you can keep them around long-term, it's time to map your customer's journey. You don't have to figure it out alone! But here's a glance at the framework if you want to take a first step.

Meet the Owner, Alea

I was bound to help people share their offer with the world. I have a Communications degree. StrengthsFinder results: strategic & communication. I've been writing since I was 4; First, songwriting, then web copy, ads, etc.

I launched Smarketing Machine to create solutions that make an impact for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

One of my specialties is helping turn your idea into action and action into growth. You believe your offer will help people. I help you reach them. You also want to make money. I help you there too.

I'm married to Grant. We like being outside with our 2 dogs. I was raised a pastor's kid, singing in church. I still sing and volunteer at church. I prefer summer over winter, iced coffee more than hot, re-watching sitcoms over new shows, and travel over traditional hobbies. In fact, my business has helped me travel, volunteer, and create a life I believe in, instead of one that just happens to me. From one business owner to another, I want that for you too!

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